Wave Human Interactions & Telecomunications


Wireless communication systems are now daily used. The development of connected objects will reinforce this trend. This increasing use has been accompanied by a scientific and societal debate on the possible health impacts of exposure to radio frequency waves. 

To provide technical expertise in the field of telecommunications, Institut Mines-Télécom and Orange decided in 2009 to create a joint laboratory called the WHIST Lab dedicated to the communicating man and the interactions between waves and people. To intensify and broaden this work, Telecom ParisTech, in partnership with Telecom Bretagne, decided in 2015 to create a chair of the Telecom Institute "Characterization, Modelling and Control of Exposures" (C2M) which contributes to the characterization, analysis and the modelling of exposures to electromagnetic waves induced by telecommunication systems and networks as well as the study of the perception of the risk linked to this exposure. 

These studies are part of a multidisciplinary framework that is both technological (numerical computation, statistics, antennae, network architecture), sociological and philosophical. 

The  works are 

-  Numerical and experimental Dosimetry.

- stochastic modeling of the exposure 

- new technologies and architecture Influence on RF exposure

- standardisation of assessment methods

- risk perception analysis