Chaire C2M, Caractérisation, Modélisation et Maitrise
de l'exposition aux ondes electromagnétiques

Publications liées à la Chaire C2M


  • A Novel Methodology to Evaluate Uplink Exposure by Personal Devices in Wireless Networks A Krayni, A Hadjem, A Sibille, C Roblin, J Wiart IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility 58 (3), 896-906
  • Subject-Specific Channel Selection Using Time Information for Motor Imagery Brain–Computer Interfaces Y Yang, I Bloch, S Chevallier, J Wiart Cognitive Computation 8 (3), 505-518
  • Exposure assessment of one-year-old child to 3G tablet in uplink mode and to 3G femtocell in downlink mode using polynomial chaos decomposition I Liorni, M Parazzini, N Varsier, A Hadjem, P Ravazzani, J Wiart Physics in medicine and biology 61 (8), 3237
  • Infants and young children modeling method for numerical dosimetry studies: application to plane wave exposure S Dahdouh, N Varsier, MAN Ochoa, J Wiart, A Peyman, I Bloch Physics in medicine and biology 61 (4), 1500
  • Sequential design of computer experiments for the assessment of fetus exposure to electromagnetic fields M Jala, C Lévy-Leduc, É Moulines, E Conil, J Wiart Technometrics 18 (1), 30-42


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